types of timeshare claims

Types Of Timeshare Claims And Termination

types of timeshare claims

Understanding the different types of timeshare claims

As all timeshare products differ, there are several types of timeshare claims depending on ownership, purchase dates and payment method.

There are 4 main types of timeshare claims and terminations. All of which will exit you from your ownership and relieve you from any future maintenance fees.


This option is available to every timeshare owner. A basic timeshare relinquishment will simply exit you from your timeshare. This is ideal for timeshare owners who feel that they have made the most of their timeshare but do not want to be burdened with future maintenance bills. You will not be claiming compensation with a basic timeshare relinquishment.

Sections 75

Section 75 claims can be achieved for timeshare owners who have been mis-sold their timeshares. This is only available for owners who meet a certain criterion.

  • Must have purchased after 1999
  • Must have paid less than £30,000 on a single transaction
  • Must have paid at least £99 by credit card. You could still be entitled to receive the full amount of the timeshare purchase even if only £99 was paid using a credit card and the remainder was paid by cash. 

Section 140A or 140B

A section 140A or 140B are claims over unfair financial agreements. This can include high or undisclosed interest rates, mis-selling of products and unfair agreements favouring the lenders.

  • Must have paid via loan, credit card or finance agreement set up by the timeshare resort.

Class Action Cases

Class Action court cases are cases against the timeshare resorts in which multiple clients have fallen victim of a scam. These are more complex cases with duration and outcome being uncertain.

Find out what type of timeshare claim you qualify for!

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Speak to a claims specialist

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