Who can I trust?

There are many dubious claims companies starting to pop up claiming to be able to assist owners with exiting them from their timeshares. It is important to follow some basic steps when deciding who to hire to handle your case.

Cold Calling

Avoid cold calling companies. There have been many companies that are cold calling clients. Cold calling is a clear breach of GDPR and if they are breaking laws this early on who knows what other laws they are willing to break. Companies are only allowed to contact you if you have given explicit consent.


Look at the About Us section on the company’s website. They should display important information such as registered business name, address and tax numbers. With this you can improve your research. All companies must be registered in the countries that they operate from and this information will appear online. Be suspicious of companies that do not have websites.

Information in writing

Ask for everything that they have said to be confirmed in writing. Obviously, people do not have time to write personalised emails based on every conversation, however, they should be able to highlight important information such as expected duration to finalise the claim, what work is being provided by the company as well as any charges that could be involved.

Ask them questions

Employees are trained to answer any questions regarding claims as they do this every day. Ask questions in about the business and write down what they say as you can research this later. Employees should never be confused over simple questions such as the companies registered name, the directors name and the address of the office that they work at.

Do your research

Research the company before handing over any money. Do a quick google search on the company, director or employees that you have been dealing with. Sometimes finding nothing at all is the same as finding bad publicity. The majority of professional business people will have accounts on social media sites such as LinkedIn. If you cannot find anything on line it could be because they are using fake names.

In February 2019 the UK governments website published an article about 2 claims companies now facing legal action. Read full article