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Timeshare claims Advisors

Timeshare Claims offers impartial advice on timeshare claims and timeshare relinquishment. We can recommend several companies who specialise in all aspects of the timeshare industry.

Our aim is to point timeshare owners in the right direction to avoid falling victim to many illegal claims companies out there.

Whether you want to simply terminate your timeshare agreement, submit a claim for a mis-sold timeshare or take legal action, we can put you in touch with the specialists.  

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Why we are different?

Impartial Advice

We are not lawyers ourselves or connected to an individual company or timeshare resort. This allows us to advise you which company is best suited to your situation. It is up to you to make any decisions.

Free Information

Throughout our website you can find various information in regards to timeshare claims. You can also take advantage of joining our monthly newsletter giving you access to FREE pdf documentation.

No Payments

Timeshare Claims do not charge for any services online or over the telephone. All information can be taken away. Services via recommended companies may have charges.

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Case Experience

There are many laws now in place to protect timeshare owners. There are 3 main ways to terminate a timeshare contract. Timeshare relinquishment (No Claim), timeshare claims (Bank/Credit card claims) or timeshare compensation via court cases.

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