Timeshare maintenance fee refunds due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Timeshare maintenance fee refunds due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Timeshare maintenance fee refunds due to the COVID-19 pandemic are unlikely according to the RDO (Resort Development Organisation).

Although many timeshare owners have signed a petitioned to get these fees refunded or stopped, it seems that timeshare resorts are not going to budge.

The RDO posted a statement on timeshare maintenance fees during the COVID-19 pandemic online on the 29 October 2020. This statement points out what your annual maintenance fees cover, and they also claim that timeshare resorts needed to invest more money on new equipment and extensive staff training. 

Whilst many resort staff were put on furlough during lockdown and operations wound down, core functions still had to be maintained and taxes and bills paid. Resorts also had to invest in new equipment and extensive staff training

To most of us this seems like the “investment for new equipment and training” will be the excuse used when refunds are requested. Every non-timeshare hotel has had to adapt in the exact same way. They have also invested in new equipment and training staff to deal with the pandemic, but how have other hotels managed without the need to charge customers for this?

According to the RDO, a section of your annual maintenance fees is already set aside to cover staff salaries. Therefore, this is not an additional cost. When timeshare resorts were forced to close their doors during the Pandemic, employees had the same rights to claiming furlough in the UK, or ERTE in Spain, as employees in every business that was affected. If anything, maintenance fees should be lower in 2021 but only time will tell. 

Unfortunately, this is a loophole that allows timeshare resorts to continue to charge their members. 

Many timeshares resorts brag about their affiliation with the RDO and even use this as a benefit during the sales pitch. However, the RDO (Resort Development Organisation) are there to protect the Resort Developers, not the consumers. 

Some timeshare resorts have offered their members an additional week to use, subject to availability. However, there is not likely to be availability for every timeshare owner to take double the amount of holiday in a 12-month period. Many resorts are fully sold out. 

If you would like information regarding exiting a timeshare or possibilities of claiming compensation due to a mis-sold timeshare, use our free online compensation calculator. A member of our team will contact you to give you all the information or to arrange a free consultation. 

Some information from this post has been cited from RDO.org the full article can be found on the following link. Statement on timeshare maintenance fees during the COVID-19 pandemic – RDO

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