European border closures affecting timeshare owners

UK boarder closure effecting timeshare owners

The timeshare industry has yet again taken another hit as the current border closures to UK travellers prevents the reopening of timeshare resorts across Europe.

Currently the ban of travellers from the UK include Belgium, France and Bulgaria. Outbound flights have also been suspended from Hong Kong, Germany and Italy. New measures will come into place over flights from the UK to Turkey, Austria and the Czech Republic. 

It is expected that Spain will also follow suit within the next day or two. Spain´s Costa Del Sol and the Canary Islands depend largely on British tourists with huge amounts of its tourists being timeshare owners.

Mainland Spain and the Canary Islands are currently close to entering into another lockdown with tough restrictions in place.

How does this affect timeshare owners?

The most affected appear to be timeshare owners who own properties in the Spanish Territories. The timeshare industry still hasn’t fully recovered from the last full lockdown earlier this year. 

Which timeshare resorts are affected the most?

One of the biggest timeshare chains in Spain are Diamond Resorts, who since April, have still only opened 3 of their 6 resorts in Tenerife. Owners at Tenerife Royal Country Club, Sunset View and Sunset Harbour have been unable to use their timeshares, even with air travel being available. Owners may have been given alternative accommodation at Santa Barbara, Royal Sunset Beach Club and Royal Sunset Bay; however, points owners main option is to use their yearly allocation towards other forms of travel.

It was also rumoured that Club La Costa are also in trouble after all of their sales staff were made redundant back in October.

Some of the smaller timeshare resorts re-opened as soon as travel was available.

Do you have points / weeks banked due to travel restrictions in 2020?

It was always unlikely that timeshare owners would never be able to use their banked weeks in 2021 due to lack of availability.

Read our post regarding timeshare banked weeks.

How long will this last?

This is the most common question that we have all been asking since back in April, no one thought that we would still be affected by it in December! The new variant of Covid-19 is more contagious than ever before. If it cannot be contained in the UK, most of Europe will re-enter lockdown again. The impact on the timeshare industry will be catastrophic for its members.

It is looking like another year’s maintenance fees will get timeshare owners nowhere once again.

If you would like more information on cancelling your timeshare agreement please contact us for a free consultation. Some owners, depending on when and how they purchased may be entitled to compensation.

Use our compensation calculator today to find out if you are eligible to claim compensation

More information on which countries are not allowing travel from the UK is likely to be updated on the BBC News wesite

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