Diamond Resorts send in debt collectors

Diamond Resorts send in debt collectors

According to The Daily Mirror, there are two words that Diamond Members despise more than “Diamond” and “Resorts”. These are “Daniels” and “Silverman”. Diamond Resorts send in debt collectors Daniels and Silverman to recover funds from victims of so-called timeshare fraud! Diamond Resorts members claim that they have not been fully informed about the ever-increasing maintenance fees that they incur.

Anne Lawrenson stated to The Daily Mirror that Diamond Resorts had increased her annual maintenance bills from £228 – £702! This is an increase of 207.89%.

According to The Daily Mirror, Anne was told when purchasing her Diamond points that she would receive a 2-week holiday anywhere she wanted. Since purchasing her points, she claims that she has only ever been able to get a 1-week holiday and never at a destination that she wanted.

Another couple from UK claim that they were being chased back in 2012 by debt collectors for a balance of more than £3800 of unpaid management fees. Barry and Anne Payne said whilst speaking about Diamond Resorts “They claim that they have the right to demand any amount, as often as they want, and no one are allowed to exit.”

Wilma and John Sutherland claimed that they had tried to book many holidays in the UK and have never been successful as the hotels were always booked up. They could not use their Diamond ownership abroad after John suffered a stroke, heart problems and had undergone surgery for knee and hip replacement. However, Diamond Resorts did understand their situation and reduced their unpaid debt by just over 20% from £2958 – £2366.

Customers like Neil and Valerie from Bolton just wanted to relinquish their ownership but were being chased for £2958 in unpaid management fees. They had refused to pay their maintenance fees for 3 years as they no longer wanted to use their Diamond Points. They were not interested in trying to recover the money that they had paid on buying the points. 

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The information in this post has been cited from Penman and Sommerlad Investigates in the Daily Mirror. Full article can be found below

  • 00:00, 6 APR 2011
  • UPDATED06:57, 4 FEB 2012


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