Spain bans international tourists until end of Summer 2021!

Spain bans international tourist until end of summer

The Spanish Prime Minister has released a statement saying that Spain will ban international tourists until the end of Summer 2021.

Spain’s Prime Minister has delivered yet another blow to the tourism industry which affects timeshare owners more than anyone.

He will not be welcoming international tourists to the country until almost the whole population has been vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID. It is expected to take up until the end of Summer 2021 if everything runs smoothly. 

Why does this affect timeshare owners more than anyone else?

Whilst this is certainly annoying for anyone who wants to travel to Spain for their holidays this year, it is only timeshare owners that will pay the price.

Timeshare owners are contracted to pay maintenance fees every year no matter what happens, and these are legally binding contracts. Whereas other travellers will receive refunds for their cancelled holidays.

The full storey can be found here Spain Won’t Welcome Tourists Until ‘The End Of The Summer’ (

If you are affected by this and would like more information on terminating your timeshare agreement, or you would like to find out if you are eligible to claim compensation due to a mis-sold timeshare, use our compensation calculator and a member of our team will contact you with further information.

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