Timeshare Claims

Timeshare Claims
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Types of Claims

There are many different types of timeshare claims. These are dependent on your ownership.

Who Can Claim

Not every timeshare owner can submit a claim. Qualifications for submitting a claim can depend on many factors.

Who Can I Trust

There are many companies cold calling clients offering the claims services. Unfortunately not every company can be trusted.

Illegal Contracts

Find out if your timeshare contract is legal. If timeshare resorts have not used the correct contracts you may be able to terminate the agreement.

Timeshare Relinquishment

If you are stuck in an unwanted timeshare agreement, terminating your contract could save you stress and money.

Costs Involved

Nothing in life is free. Find out what costs are involved in terminating a timeshare agreement or submitting a claim on a mis-sold timeshare.

Who Are Timeshare Claims?

Timeshare Claims offers impartial advice for timeshare owners to gather information. We are not lawyers;  however, we can recommend claims specialists and successful lawyers.

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What our readers say

After being scammed by Silverpoint Resorts I found Timeshare Claims who pointed me in the right directions. I managed to claim back £12,550 as my timeshare had been mis-sold.
Dougald McCarthy
After reading the blog post on www.timeshare-claims.co.uk I made a lucky escape and avoided being conned by a company called Sell My Timeshare.
Elizabeth Ritz
I have found information on Timeshare Claims very useful and your website is very easy to navigate. When I decide to terminate my contract I will be using the companies that you recommend.
Peter Jones
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